Future Plans?

Life has been a struggle. Not a struggle struggle but still a struggle. I got the opportunity to study my bachelors in UK for Computer Science. Hence, I will be leaving for UK coming september. I will be blogging frequently. Also, I plan on making a youtube channel for computer science students and in general science students. The Youtube channel will be made during july. Mostly because I want to complete the entire process of getting admission abroad(including getting a visa) before I make videos about it.

Finally my dreams are taking shape? It’s almost like they’ve found the right direction. In few months I will be leaving India. For some people, this may sound weird and absurd. However, it has always been my dream to be a researcher/scientist. Hence, even the thought of shaping my future makes me incredibly happy. As many of you may know me, when I am set onto something, I do it regardless of any issues. 

I have made few friends from around the world. All of them are excellent people. Now that I think of it, the world is really a better place. 

Few years back when I told people I was going abroad they made fun of me. Now that I am actually going abroad, they come to me for help. I’m not mother Teresa. I’ll never be. Yet, a part of me wants to help people who genuinely wants to study abroad. Regardless of that, I have met plently who just talk about going abroad without actually doing anything.

I guess that’s it for the blog. I will keep you guys updated.


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