Acne skin also known as “inside dry and outside oily” skin is really common. There is no official term for this type of skin so lets just call it acne skin.

Most of the men suffer from either really dry, oily , combination or acne skin. The tips mentioned here will help combination and acne skin type. Also these are suggested by my korean friends who have amazing skin.

Double Cleansing.

You might have heard people talk about it but were too lazy or afraid to try it. Double cleansing is a process where you first use oil based cleanser for 2-3 minutes and then foam based cleanser. Why double? Good question. Acne, combination and oily skin people often refuse to use oil based cleanser because they think it will break them out. The truth is oil based cleanser itself doesn’t break you out, however, it can get into your pores along with dirt and cause breakout. To avoid this, foam cleansing is a must after oil based cleansing. Foam cleanser will take out all the excess oil that was left after oil based cleansing. 


Toner is essentially 99% water and 1% essence. After you cleanse your face, your face becomes an alkali. Hence it is necessary to calm it down and neutralise it. The best way to do this is by using toner. Any good toner will do the job. Nowadays in korea there is a trend of applying toner 7 times (layering it basically). You can do this twice or thrice a week. However, using toner everyday is a must.


Using an essence helps your skin in several ways. However, you need to find the right essence for your face. If you have acne prone skin, I will recommend hyaluronic, snail or centella essence. Better if you can find an essence with all three. However, be careful. Do not use exessive essence. Many people tend to do that. You need to know that hyaluronic is an acid so please be careful of using it in excess.


These are different kind of product but I am writing them together because you can avoid either of these. Korean 10 step routine is bullshit. It’s just another way of marketing more items so that they can get money out of your pocket. Research about ampoule/serum and use what suits you the best. Ampoules usually have more concentration than serum. That’s the only difference. You don’t need to sell your liver to buy 10 korean products and use them on a daily basis.


I personally use centella cream for my acne scars. However, you can use moisturising cream. Nature republic steam cream is really good. Also belif has aqua bomb which is popular. Use any cream that suits your skin. 


If your makeup already has sunscreen, you can avoid using this. However, if you arent wearing makeup, use gel sunscreen. Do not use those tinted sunscreens you get in drugstore. Clear sunscreen are the best. Also korean use alot of sunscreen. Just saying. 

Other tips

1) Have tea that can detox your body( like green tea or oolong tea).

2) More chemicals in a product doesn’t make it more harmful.


4) Wash off your face at night before you sleep and repeat the routine. Add sleeping pack in there if you want or just use more serum/oil.

5) AVOID products that make you breakout.


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