What is UCAS? UCAS is an online portal for application, specifically to UK universities. If you want to study in UK, you have to apply via UCAS. However, it’s only compulsory for undergraduate students not postgraduate students. It’s a fairly simple process. The only thing complicated about it for most international student is filling up the educational qualification area and ofcourse the dreadful personal statement.

After you register with UCAS, you have to fill up your basic information. After doing that, you will have to fill up your educational equalifications, schools you’ve attended, email ID and phone number of a teacher/counsellor who will write your reference and other important things. Remember that if your chosen educational qualification is not mentioned in the list, click on others and write in the box the name of your qualification. For CBSE 12 students it will be AISSCE mostly. 

For the teacher’s reference part, they will receive an email once you mention their email id in ucas and submit your application. Your application only be send to the universities after your teacher has written the reference and also mentioned PREDICTED GRADES for class 12/FINAL RESULTS. You will have to ask your teacher to check his/her email ID for UCAS’ email and ask them to click on the link and follow the instructions stated in the link.

Remember that you’ll need a passport number if you have a passport. If you don’t have a passport yet, what are you doing my dear child, go and register yourself for a passport. Please do check if your passport has 1 year validity or not. For VISA, atleast 6 months validity before course starts is required. In my case, it was expiring before 6 months so I had to re-issue my passport and select the 10 years option while re-issuing. 

Regarding personal statement, I will have a separate blog post about it.

Also don’t forget to fill up your choices of universities and the course code (you will get that from university website) of the course you’re applying for. Correct course code is needed. You can only apply once.

Finally, don’t forget to own a credit card for the money transaction. You will need to pay around 26-30 pounds (I don’t remember quite exactly) for applying to 5 universities.


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