Can we solve a problem correctly? 

Imagine that you have a huge problem. It can be anything. It can also be a problem you’re facing right now.

Right so, now imagine what you’ve planned to do about it.

If you have done that already, answer me honestly, have you done anything to solve the problem?

Chances are you’ve said or thought “no”.

I get it. We are human beings. We have lots of issues. We have lots of problems. Often we can’t solve every problem in our lives.

However, the problem with us human beings is that we focus on the problem more than the solution.

I know a friend of mine who complains about his marks more than he studies. I get it. We human beings are meant to think a lot. Our brain functions that way. People have anxiety. Nevertheless, when we focus and spend time on the problem rather than solving it, we give it a chance to grow bigger. 

Most teenagers have heard this already,” Don’t touch your pimple and touch your face with the same finger, it will spread.”

Problems are like pimples. You may pop them. They leave a mark. If you don’t do anything about it and touch it everyday and then unknowingly touch other parts of your face, it will appear everywhere.

We cannot avoid problems. We cannot take rash decisions. We cannot think about our problem and then try doing something important. 

Then what can we do?

It’s simple, we can spend time thinking of the solution rather than the problem.

I know it sounds ridiculous. By this time half of you will probably stop reading.

Imagine I haven’t studied anything for a test tomorrow and I am telling everyone that I haven’t done anything. Chances are I am going to fail the test the next day. (I learnt this the hard way lol)

Now imagine, I spend that exact time trying to revise what I already knew or had some idea about. I could potentially pass if not get good grades.

We literally spend our entire life thinking and complaining about our problems than doing anything. I find it ridiculous how people think they can write about cleaning their country in facebook and expect their country to be clean. If you want a clean country, CLEAN YOUR COUNTRY. There is no other way. Chances are those ten people who liked you post will post the same status and do nothing about it.

Whenever I face a problem I do these thing:

  1. Write down what the problem is.
  2. Figure out if it’s related to some other problem.
  3. Try to figure out the start of the problems.
  4. Work on the problem.
  5. Ask for help if I am facing an issue.
  6. Check if the problem is solved.
  7. Say thanks to myself and those who have helped me.
  8. Eat
  9. Go to sleep.

Follow these steps incase you face a problem next time.

That’s it for today. My outrage is over. Bye😏


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