Is it worth getting hurt for someone?

I have myself been wondering this for a long time now. For the recent few days I have seen people around me and me myself getting entangled in this mysterious world of self insecurity and love.


While we are busy getting attached to someone and their daily life and chaos. I often wonder, is it worth being part of their chaos? Is it worth getting hurt for someone? Is it worth staying when you feel like it isn’t?

We are all human beings. We get hurt. We make mistakes. We often take rash decisions. I had taken such rash decision few days back to like someone even after a painful heartbreak. I thought it would give me inner peace to like someone. However, my life turned out to be a turmoil of sadness. Things happened so fast I couldn’t escape the reality within seconds. I got so engrossed in self happiness I forgot if others happiness mattered to me or not.

Thus, reality struck me hard. Being loved is not a good feeling. I don’t want to be loved honestly. It is too much of a responsibility to be loved. Too much of a task. As a human being of rather a big heart, I can’t hurt people. However, I hurt them unknowingly. Thus, when someone says that they love me. I laugh at it for briefly a week. If it is serious. I feel afraid and scared. I don’t want to lose the person neither do I want to get hurt.

All this confusions well up inside my mind. What to do and what not to do. Nothing is clear. Nothing will be. Yet one thing is for sure. Sometimes it is better to be hurt for someone than hurting someone.

If someone hurts you, don’t hurt them back. Love them so much they stop hurting.


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  1. Souvik Karmakar says:

    Your words go deep inside my heart and my mind and i do question myself!
    I am well aware of this feeling and i had said you earlier your words go deep within me!
    And please do continue this writing!
    Goodluck! 😊

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